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Green Bay Animal Refferal Center

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Online Pharmacy

COMING SOON: Order through our quick and easy online pharmacy! Follow the link below to order everything from medication, flea and tick, to food perfect for you pup or feline.


Welcome to Oconto Veterinary Center

Our clinic is located in Oconto Wisconsin. Let River and Ash bring you on a tour of our veterinary clinic!


Full exams from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail. Vaccines based on lifestyle.

Cat in Basket

You are always welcome to leave your

pet with us on your way to work/during

the day for anything from vaccine visits

to sick pet care.


We provide an extensive range of

surgical procedures, including but

not limited to elective surgeries

such as spay and neuter, skin mass removals, and cruciate (CCL/knee) repair.

Feline Friend

Laser therapy reduces inflammation which results in pain reduction. Effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain

Black Dog

Routine dental cleanings with digital dental

x-rays are available!

Two dogs

Within business hours, we provide same day appointments for minor scrapes to emergency care.

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